Carol Elaine Frier Buchanan-Facebook
Great pics! We had fun at the Fake Fest!!

Niki Akers Slater - Fakefest - Facebook-
She was great! Awesome job babe!!!

Diana Arduengo Frier shared your photo
: "Everyone in Tampa Bay Area needs to check out Kozmic Pearl Band. You won't be sorry!!!!!"

Tracy Monteleone - Facebook - Bet it got pretty chilli !
We soo enjoyed the great bbq & the Great music !!!

Myrna Fitzmaurice Figgs posted on KOZMIC PEARL's timeline
"thanks for the great music & T-shirt, see ya next time :-)"

Hey Terry, I enjoyed watching you all perform tonight. It was great to see wymm and also some of the old tues nite crowd again.
Will see you some wed. Bill Bryant - Via Email

Lisa Kay - Facebook
Kozmic Pearl ROCKED IT last night at Bobby's Bistro.... Doti Devane, terry devane,
Joe Gregory, James Mcknight, Bill Pike .... ARE ALL A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!! LOVE YOU ALL !!

Rachel Demers Mushow - Facebook
I LOVE YOU Mr. Terry! You and Doti are the Best! Kozmic Pearl Rocks!!
And every time My Friends and I come out to see your band...You ALL..NEVER disappoints..xxoo

Debbie Lewis Lynn - Facebook
It was a great performance by you all.

Tracy Monteleone - Facebook
Got to say... What a Blast last evening with  the Kozmic Pearl Band ! Soo good to see you all & meet new friends !
Thanks for a GREAT bday party !

Pam Scott posted on KOZMIC PEARL's timeline
"Best band around. What a voice and heart on Dottie. You will have a great night if you go to any of their venues."

Rosy - Via Band messages
The best band in Tampa Bay!! Happy New Year to every one, from Costa Rica

Gregg Scott - Via Email
Hi Dottie - here are the pictures that we took of Tiffany from Apollo's Bistro on Friday night. She had a wonderful time listening and dancing with you. Thanks so much for making her night so much fun. We really appreciated it. See you next time.

Pam Scott - Via Email
Again, thanks for a great night.

Tina McCotter - Facebook
We had such a great time last night, and it was so good to see you all. Keep us posted on upcoming dates, we will definitely be back!

Rodney Johnson - Facebook
I'm playing tonight with Kozmic Pearl for the first time at beach bistro in apollo beach 7-10 pm.terry,dotti,bill and joe are such talented nice laid back people,so lookin forward to working with them

Victor Lima-Facebook
I want to Thank ALL THE BANDS that Rocked Peggy's this past weekend, Kozmic Pearl, Drive,
Earl Brown & the Guys, & Gringo.

Pat Garcia Streuber Facebook - 
What a great party.

Kimberly Garcia Bell - Facebook
 Fun where are the pics?

Michael M Gonzalez - Facebook
I'm pretty sure I acted fool enough to be on a few pics! What fun!!

Myrna Fitzmaurice Figgs - Facebook
great show tonight; y'all rocked :-)

Kimberly Garcia Bell · Facebook
We had such a great time!

Pat Garcia Streuber - Facebook
Great job. Everyone had a grand time.

Tracy Monteleone - Facebook
We had a GREAT time !

Myrna Fitzmaurice Figgs - Facebook
Great meeting "the gang" & loved the music - can't wait til the next gig :-)

Alan Devane - Facebook
Get out there and see my brother and sister in laws band...always a good time

Joe Monteleone - Facebook
We had a really nice time that night!

Tracy Monteleone - Facebook
It was a fun evening !!

Brandy Monique Asenavage - Facebook
This band puts on a great show! Fabulous talent!!!! They are superstars!

Glennda Northcutt - Facebook
A BIG SHOUT-OUT to KOZMIC PEARL who put on ONE HECK of a GREAT SHOW last night at Uncle Mike's Smokehouse!
YOU GUYS WERE AWESOME! (and, of course, DOTTIE!!) Lady, not only can you wail,
but, you also know how to work a crowd!!
AND, a very special thanks to my friend, Cynthia. ♥ and her son, Donnie. :-D

Michael Glazia Neuhaus - Facebook
Thanks terry you guys did great!

Lindsay Devane Pedersen - Facebook
Love you guys! We all had fun. Evan slept good last night after all that dancing
. Hope you are feeling better today.

Patricia Smith Crosby - Facebook
Ronda you would love it, they put on a great show.

Marlene Vertock - Facebook
The band KOZMIC PEARL is really really good !!
We really had a nice time & above all it was great to see you guys & Sean & Michelle !

Rachel Demers Mushow - Facebook
Kozmic Pearl in the house! Love my Friend's Band
...Great time with Kristine and Claire.

Michael Tolley- Facebook
You guys Rocked the house. Thanks for a great job!
Uncle Mike

Brandy Monique Asenavage-Faceook
Had an amazing night at Uncle Mikes! Kozmic Pearl rocked, rocked, rocked!
Awesome show!!! This Friday, they will be rocking again at Apollo's Bistro!

Terrie Baugh Neidhardt - Facebook
they are good, no great!

Rachel Demers Mushow - Facebook
Always great to see this band. Fun night.

Rich Russo - Facebook
That was a fun Gig ! Thanks Kozmic Pearl!!!

Lisa Kay - Facebook
You all sounded phenominal, as always

Tracy Monteleone - Facebook
We had sooo much fun !! Thank you all for being there !!!!

Laurie Michele Cleyman - Facebook
they are very good

Marlene Vertock - Facebook
Awesome Band !! KOZMIC PEARL !!!

Ronnie Lewis Saunders - Facebook
Great Band!

Marlene Vertock - Facebook
Iphone pics, not very good, but the band was GREAT!

Peter Arcuri - Facebook
 Just want everyone to know that Bill Pike is one of the best guitarist i've ever had the pleasure playing with. .

Tracy Monteleone - Facebook
YOU All sounded GREAT !!!!

Bill Stow - Facebook
she does nail it.

Judy Roberts - Facebook
I love to hear them!! they are great.

Lisa Kay - Facebook
Great job as always!

Zed Maestro - Facebook
Never saw a band with TWO Dr. Z amps. Very cool (personally
, I *love* the name and logo... but that's just Me.)

Katherine Edgerton Evans- Facebook

Brandy Monique Asenavage - Facebook Doti, All of this is just an example of how much energy you put into your shows!
You look awesome, ya little cutie! And you were rockin' that dress!

Monica Mohl Yasparro - Facebook
Their chicken wings are great as you can see, along with the music
, had a good time with a special friend lets do it again soon

Patricia Smith Crosby - Facebook
Had a great time Kozmic Pearl rocks, Terry & Doti were great and for an added bonus
got to see Paul & Joyce, Lindsay, Marc & Evan, Shaun, Michelle & Arianna.
Worth the drive from Orlando. Love you guys!

Patricia Smith Crosby - Facebook
Willie Bridges on sax was super great also.

Andrew Gohman - Facebook
Somebody call the police you were murdering that guitar last night!

Alan Ross Haynes - Facebook
Great website! Rock on

Dave Valliere -Facebook
"u rock!"

Pam Rogers Crosby - Facebook
We had a great time! You guys sound great and it was good to see you
can't wait to do it again

Lisa Marie Bianchi - Facebook
Such a good time!

Lisa Kay - Facebook

Maureen Delaney-Bianchi - Facebook
Very nice time last night I enjoyed myself. See you on Friday :-)

Rachel Demers Mushow - Facebook
Great time with Kozmic Pearl..Maureen and Lisa...Thanks for the laughs ladies ;-)

Tracy Monteleone - Facebook
What a GREAT time Uncle Mike's Smokehouse Grill at Brandon Harley
this evening with my dear friend Dora !!! Kozmic Pearl with terry devane, & Doti Devane,
with guest drummer Rich Russo was tooo much fun !
The wings were awesome !
Thanks Danielle for taking good care of us -
we will be back !!

Lindsay Devane Pedersen - Facebook
We can't wait to make it to another show.
Evan was upset we had to get him home for bed. :) He had more rocking out!

Lindsay Devane Pedersen - Facebook
We had a blast! LoL

Cynthia Garcia Cintron - Facebook
"We had a great time last night. Kosmic Pearl was great & so were the others
...awesome blues! Glad I got to see Dottie & you again!!!"

Lisa Kay - Facebook
As always, KOZMIC PEARL rocked it last night.
You guys were amazing :)

Monica Mohl Yasparro - Facebook
had a great time last night you all sound great" 

Lisa Kay - Facebook
"This band is incredible and I highly recommend my friends catching this show.
I've never seen anyone more entertaining and the talent in this band is second to NONE!"

Monica Mohl Yasparro - Facebook
Just got home saw terry devane and his band sounds great
so nice to hear him play what a great guy and wonderful band 

Jessica Pike - Facebook
 You were great on Sat! I look forward to seeing you guys play again.

Lisa Kay- Facebook
You have to see this enormously talented band! Every band member is incredibly amazing!
Doti Devane is also the best Joplin Tribute artist in the Bay Area and beyond!

Carlie Ross - Facebook
"You guys are awesome and we miss you alot. Charlie and Jacob"

Ian Pannell - Facebook
Mr. Bill Pike on lead guitar...sooooo sweet.

Pat Garcia Streuber - Facebook
"Great job last night. Everything worked out well. Thanks."

Cynthia Garcia Cintron - Facebook
Dottie & Terry, Really enjoyed seeing you and your performance last night - awesome!!!"

Teri Scott - Facebook
"I can't tell ou how much we enjoyed ourselfs tonight,
I'm sorry we didn't stay until the next break...Joseph was ready to go....
.you , your wife, the band, soooo good, took me back, and can't wait to hear you @ reunion,
please let us know your next date..and would love to do the Wed. nite thing.....

Kathy tucker Butler - Facebook
"Terry Please post pics and videos.
I've watched all that you have posted so fa
r i was in Sun City (near Apollo Bch) all last week
. I would love to be there tonight, but logistics prevent.
Know I'm supporting you from North Carolina!!! 

Jessica Pike - Facebook
Once again...great performance last night!!!:)

Lisa Kay - Facebook
"You Really gotta catch this show.... This band is off the chain...
incredible entertainers and musicians EVERY MEMBER IS AMAAAAZZZIINNGGG!!!!"

Cindy Stanczykowski Alderman - Facebook
"Thanks for the WONDERFUL music and singing at the Leto 40 Celebration.
We all had a wonderful time, and you topped it off with your FANTASTIC band." 

Tracy Monteleone - Facebook
tHANKS for the friendship Joe !! You ALL sounded GREAT Saturday nite !!!.

Dana Grantham Collins - Facebook
"Thank you for a wonderful evening. Yal were awesome
. Glad to help with the kinks. LOL Please Dotty and the rest of the band that it was great meeting them.
We'll have to do this again. LOL"

David Thomson - Facebook
"Totally enjoyed your band's performance last night at Shenanigan's.
Being Apollo Beach is ~ 50 miles from my home AND that I drink,
I intended to be there 8PM > 10PM. I drank a HUGE margarita on the way to Apollo Beach.
Leaving the bar at 12:30AM instead of 10:PM (empty handed) I thought I'd never get home.
Watching you guys brought back many memories of the hundreds of bands I have played in.
Can't wait for the July jam at INCOGNITO martini lounge."

Brandy Monique
Apollo Beach
Jul 16, 2012 @ 10:27 AM
Awesome band! There are great, great things ahead for you! So talented! 

Diana Frier
Mayo, Florida
Apr 24, 2012 @ 7:05 PM
Best band around Tampa Bay, Hope to see you soon 

Beverly Canedo
Whitesville GA
Apr 12, 2012 @ 7:15 PM
I could listen to Dottie and Terry sing and play music all night! 

Rosy Devane
Costa Rica
Apr 12, 2012 @ 3:22 PM
Hello from Costa Rica!!! I am going to see Kosmic Pearl soon, my favorite Band in Tampa....I love you guys!!! 

Pete & Mary Sue Engle
Rochester, NY
Apr 6, 2012 @ 10:08 PM
Getting to see Kozmic Pearl live is always a highlight of our trips to the Tampa area. We love you guys! 

Gary and Elaine Buchanan
Tampa, FL
Mar 22, 2012 @ 8:11 PM
Very nice website for a very deserving band! We so love when we get to be there wherever you play! Always enjoyable! We love you! 

Mar 21, 2012 @ 9:02 PM